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Removing Visible Water Damage From Your Carpet

Water can be a tricky thing; even clear, clean water can lead to staining and other problems for your carpet. Some types of carpet can delaminate, separating th... READ MORE

Crawlspace in Greenville, NC

The owners of this Greenville, NC home needed a consultation for their crawlspace after a storm seemed to have pushed in some debris and raised awareness of the... READ MORE

Carpet Cleaning - Greenville, NC

If you or a loved one falls ill, trust our expert carpet cleaning crews to take care of the mess, so you can focus on feeling better! These before and after pho... READ MORE

Hurricane Damage Greenville, NC

The types of damage that can occur from a hurricane or other large storm can be devastating in many ways. These before and after photos show what SERVPRO can do... READ MORE

Flood Damage Cleanup in Greenville, NC

This bathroom had the ceiling cave in after a storm ruined the shingles on the roof. The white fluff is blown-in insulation that came from the attic. The leakin... READ MORE

Category 3 Water Damage

Hurricane damage caused black water to enter this Greenville, North Carolina home. The wood floor is very porous and will soak up the black water from the hurri... READ MORE

Bathroom Water Damage

This bathroom had water damage so we went in and removed the laminate flooring and vinyl underneath. The after picture shows everything dry and ready for new fl... READ MORE

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

These photos show a commercial carpet cleaning job done in Greenville, NC. The bathrooms had a water pipe break but luckily it didn't do too much damage. The af... READ MORE

Hurricane Damage - Tree fell on Greenville Home

This family’s Greenville home suffered serious damage after a recent hurricane. Thankfully they called and we were able to help them and several other Gre... READ MORE