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Image of a carpet damaged with water caused by a supply line

Supply Line Damage

The most common water damage problem comes from supply lines. They are located all over the home. You can find them in each bathroom connected to the toilet and sink. The kitchen will have them connected to the sink and the refrigerator. Supply lines will eventually break over time and cause a flood. With so many in the house one is going to fail eventually. Check and replace supply lines regularly to keep from having to give us an emergency call.

Soot and Smoke Covered Greenville Home

Speedy Mitigation is Key

Both the homeowner and the insurance company want speedy mitigation. Wet carpet and walls after a fire will set in smells and eventually grow mold. As a 24 hour service, we are faster to any fire or water damage loss in Greenville. We begin emergency services right away keeping the homeowner and insurance company happy.

Crawlspace fully encapsulated

Why should my crawlspace be encapsulated?

Moisture in the crawlspace can lead to many problems for a homeowner. Mold and dry rot are the most common. Excess moisture under the home allows mold and dry rot to grow on the wood beams and subfloors until they need to be replaced.

Encapsulating the crawlspace removes the moisture from underneath the home and keeps it out. No need to worry about mold or dry rot ever again.

Flooded home with green drying equipment

Storm Surge Floods Greenville Home

A storm surge can do a lot of damage to a home. The contaminated materials are removed so the drying process can begin. A flood cut is necessary to dry out hard to reach areas that were affected by the storm.

Image of a SERVPRO employee extracting water from a carpet at a local pharmacy

When should I call a water damage cleanup company?

Large and small water damages in a commercial building should be cleaned up by professionals. Your business doesn’t have time to wait when it’s trying to make a profit. Commercial insurance companies understand this and have multiple types of insurance to cover water damage problems. However, having to dip into the businesses interruption insurance means your business has had to shut down. We want to keep your business open throughout the cleanup process as best as possible to help avoid having to close down during emergency cleanup services.

Caved in Ceiling from Water Damage

Wet Ceiling and Insulation

A leak in the roof can turn into a big problem if it's wet enough for the ceiling to cave into the kitchen. The insulation soaked up a lot of water from the recent storm and caused a big mess. Better call SERVPRO to have it cleaned.

Image of a wall with flood cuts and a drying equipment placed in front

Why do the technicians have to tear out the drywall?

Depending on the water source will depend on what has to be removed after a water loss. Tearing out drywall means the water came from a source where there are a lot of contaminants. Sewage, mold growth, and flooding are all water damage problems that need some demolition.

Commercial Storm Damage Cleanup

Cleaning up Storm Damaged Businesses

After a large storm, it is important that all restoration companies work together. Each of us gets together to help our local companies get back on their feet. There is too much work out there that needs to be done. We work together to get everyone's business back together.

Commercial Flood Cleanup

Cleanup of Flooded Businesses

Once the flooded restaurant is cleaned and disinfected we layout our drying equipment. The drying has to be finished before we can start the rebuilding process. Mold can grow on wood and drywall if not dried quickly.

Expert Technicians

IICRC Certified Technicians

The owner of our Local SERVPRO is not afraid to get dirty. He, along with all our technicians, is IICRC certified to clean up fire damage, water remediation, and even crawlspaces. Here they are after coming out of the crawlspace of this home.

Flooded Restaurant Cleanup

Commercial Flood Cleanup

After a flood, our company is the best call you can make. There is a lot of damage after a flood and your business needs to get back to work. Let us do the hard work and get your business back to business.

Commercial Desiccant

The Workhorse of Commercial Drying

The 5000 CFM Desiccant is the only way to dry a large commercial building that is filled with water. It pumps out the moist air, dries it, and then pumps in hot dry air. It can get your business back to normal faster than using the smaller ones.

Large House Fire

No Fire Job Too Big

From a simple kitchen fire to a fully engulfed home, we can cleanup any fire. No job is too big for our expert fire technicians. We can cleanup any fire-damaged properties.

Ceiling Smoke Damage

Puffback Smoke Cleanup

Cleaning up smoke damage comes in all forms. It can be a kitchen fire or a puffback. The smoke residue will be harder to clean since it's on a popcorn ceiling. However, we have seen it all and can clean it all.

Soot and Smoke in Kitchen

Smoke and Soot Cleaning

Cleaning up soot is easier because it's visible. If you could smell the smoke in this room you would know how hard it is to get rid of. Removing the smell of smoke takes cleaning, time, and even a deodorizer. 

Kitchen Fire Cleanup

Kitchen Disaster in Greenville

Most fires happen in the kitchen. We restore more kitchen fires than most other fires. As a local company we can be at your home quickly to begin the fire cleanup process.

House Fire Cleanup

Fire Cleanup in Greenville Home

House fires are the most worrisome of fires. Homeowners often feel as if they have lost control. We can fix up your home from start to finish. Give us a call 24 hours a day.

Commercial Fire Damage Repair

Local Fire Damage in Resturant

Fire damage can happen at any time. It is the worst time for your business. When you give us a call know that you will get us at our best even if your company is at its worst. 

Carpet Cleaning in Greenville Business

Water Damage Cleanup in Greenville

Water damage can be unforgiving and unexpected, especially when it means you need to shut down your business. Our rapid response teams understand this and will do everything in our power to get you taken care of and back open to business in the fastest, most professional way possible. One of the ways we can do this is by saving damaged goods and restoring them, when possible, saving the customer considerable time and money. 

Sometimes regular cleaning isn't enough.

Sometimes even regular care and cleaning just isn't enough to get the job done right. Give us a call and let us take care of those deep cleaning needs. Our professionals can handle jobs of any size and environment, even in factory or commercial environments. 

Be attentive to any signs of damage after a storm!

As a roof begins to age and wear, even smaller storms can potentially cause damage. Be sure to check your roof regularly for signs of damage and be mindful of wet spots after heavy rain and wind. 

A thorough job can lead to peace of mind.

This sub-flooring was removed after one of our technicians checked a customers crawlspace. All this damage and mold came from a slow supply line leak to a refrigerator. Instead of simply handling the immediately apparent issue, our professional crews investigate and handle further damages that not all will see. 

Green drying equipment in Greenville home.

The science of air circulation.

Our technicians are IICRC Certified in many things, including water damage remediation. Part of the training required to achieve this certification includes learning about the science behind the drying process. This means that regardless of the size of water damage you may have, our certified technicians will be ready to use our skills and experience to get you back to normal as fast and effectively as possible.

Excess moisture in a hardwood floor.

Among the many tools SERVPRO technicians use to aid our customers, the moisture meter is perhaps one of the most crucial. Being able to tell if a wide variety of surfaces have excessive amounts of moisture present can significant amounts of money and time, as well as eliminate any guesswork. 

Air application to the floor

Applying air to the bottom side of the floor.

Sometimes trying to dry out a water-damaged subfloor means using creative drying techniques. This home had dehumidification and air movement applied from both sides to help lessen the drying process. 

Cleaning Police Vehicles

Disinfecting local police vehicles!

As part of a local community, everyone does their best to help each other out in times of need. For example, the incredible men and women of the Greenville police department put their health and lives at risk every day they serve. We do what we know best--cleaning. In an effort to keep them as safe as possible in these uncertain times, we offered them free cleaning and disinfectant services. 

Working hard in Texas

One of the owners, Larry, working hard in Texas after Hurricane Harvey. Our generators allow us to keep on working hard for you even if your home has lost power.

Headed to Texas!

Hurricane Harvey was a tremendously powerful storm that left many with damaged homes. Our crew went to Texas to help the families in need and get them back to preloss conditions.  

Black Cat on a Dehumidifier

Lizzy the Cat loves sitting on our drying equipment.

Our shop cat Lizzy loves to hang out with our crew and makes us laugh! This little kitty keeps watch over the shop and spreads a little light-hearted joy wherever she goes.

Sponsoring our Community

Enjoying the Home Expo in Greenville

Recently, we had a table set up at the Greenville Home Expo. Our employees enjoyed speaking with all the guests who stopped by about our Restoration Services! We look forward to this wonderful event every year!