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Do you have water coming through your ceiling?

When you have water coming through your ceiling it's probably because you have a roof leak somewhere. However, if the roof has been leaking on the insulation th... READ MORE

Storm Surge Cleanup in Greenville

A storm surge flooded this home which meant having to remove the floors and do a flood cut throughout the home. Once all the contaminated flooring was removed w... READ MORE

Storm Damage and Wood Floors

It is unfortunate for any home that has wood floors to have storm damage. Bacteria from the flood water soak up in the wood and need to be replaced. Flood water... READ MORE

Flooded Kitchen in Greenville

Flooding in homes can be caused by many different water lines. The most common water line that breaks in the kitchen is the one connecting to the fridge to make... READ MORE

Crawlspace Encapsulation and Cleanup

A damaged and dirty crawlspace can cause a lot of problems for your home over time. Floorboards and beams will become moldy or develop dry rot if not taken care... READ MORE

What is secondary damage?

This hotel suffered water damage in multiple rooms so we decided to put up containments to save as much as possible. Then, we dried the affected areas to avoid ... READ MORE

Do I have to clean under my house after a flood?

Heavy rains caused the basement of this home to flood. Our technicians extracted all soaked areas using dehumidifiers and air movers. Storm damage can be a daun... READ MORE

Water Mitigation Procedures

A leaking roof caused some damage to this commercial business. Water damage seems to occur when you are gone for the day. A pipe may burst, spewing water throug... READ MORE

Cooking tips to reduce fire hazards

Reduce the chances of a fire starting in the kitchen when you take the time to understand the safety measures you can put in place while cooking. Avoid a grease... READ MORE

What are the leading causes of home fires?

This home suffered fire damage but we were able to recover the structure and contents. The family was able to return home safely after we removed the soot and t... READ MORE